synergy of powerful fat burning nutrients
clinically proven nutrients
increased effectiveness through detox nutrients
clinically proven dosage

There are only 2 ways to lose weight

  • reduce energy intake or
  • increase energy expenditure

This means eating less (in terms of caloric value) or exercising more. Both of which is very hard.

But . . . there is also a weight loss supplement that will have more long-lasting benefits than any diet.

What makes
DC 247 outstanding?

  • synergy of powerful fat burning nutrients
  • clinically proven nutrients
  • clinically proven dosage
  • increased effectiveness through detox nutrients
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Why diets don't work?

  • They impose unrealistic restrictions on how you should live your life.
  • They are hard to follow over a longer period of time.
  • Your metabolism slows down and more of what you eat gets stored as fat.
  • 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-3 years.
  • Your brain becomes more aware of food.

There are three biological changes that take place and seem most important:

When you are dieting, you actually become more likely to notice food, and especially tasty looking food — it actually looks more appetizing and tempting.
It's the same kind of thing. As you lose body fat, the hormones that help you feel full, decrease. Meanwhile hormones that make you feel hungry, increase.
Your metabolism slows down. When your body finds a way to run itself on fewer calories, those get stored as fat, which is exactly what you don't want to happen
Diets fail to facilitate significant or sustainable weight loss. What’s more, diets are unnecessary for optimal health.

Dr. Traci Mann
leading researcher on the psychology of eating and dieting at University of Minnesota


We all dream about "magic weight-loss potions," such as "special" powders and pills, that can slim us down to the ideal weight if possible within 14 days.

Of course there is no magic pill , but we believe that the synergy of the natural ingredients in DC 247 Complex are a game changing tool that will help you lose weight without following drastic low calorie diets.

That does not mean, that you shouldn't bother to watch what you eat. Of course you should!
Everybody should eat a healthy diet (which is not the same as being on a diet) and lead an active lifestyle.

What makes DC 247 outstanding

The synergistic effect of Powerfull Fat Burning Nutrients

You can never achieve the collective functions of the nutrients on their own. In order to work fully, EACH nutrient depends on some other nutrient. The synergy of all benefits like, hindering your body's production of fats, suppressing appetite, burning the existing fat rapidly, cleansing your body, nutrient utilisation and bioavailability makes it the most effective natural supplement for weight loss on the market!

Clinically Proven Fat Burning Nutrients

Garcinia cambogia was proven to ignite metabolism and to improve the body's fat burning capabilities by 318% - if taken regularly with the right regime - and to reduce the amount of food you eat by 16%.

Green Tea extract treatment has shown to increase the 24 hour metabolic rate by 4% compared to a placebo. That may not sound much, but a small effect continued day after day for an extended period will add up. This amounted to an increase in energy expenditure for more than 200 kcal/day.

Gymnema Sylvestre was proven to reduce cravings for sweets, to reduce sugar absorption during digestion and to promote normal blood sugar levels. The researchers who tested the effects of gymnema found that the persons, who took gymnema one hour before being offered food, ate less than the participants who had not consumed gymnema.

Clinically proven dosage

Clinical studies have shown that the right amount of the extract to promote weight loss should be 900 mg of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) and 270 mg of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate).

In our Weight Loss formula we use only the highest quality of:

  • Garcinia cambogia: 85 % HCA. Total of 1020mg HCA daily.
  • Green tea: 50 % EGCG. Total of 300mg EGCG daily.
Increased Effectiveness through Natural Detox Nutrients

Most people are used to a diet mainly consisting of processed food and will benefit from a detox and cleanse that will flush out the built up toxins in the body and colon, which cause a sluggish metabolism, bad absorption and weight gain. Scientific studies discovered that people who were taking weight loss supplements with the natural detoxifier experienced the most incredible weight loss results! Natural detoxifier nutrients in our formula lead to a significant weight loss and an overall healthier feeling..

DC 247 is 2-3 times more effective than just dieting


Not all extracts are created equally

According to one recent study, nearly 90% of Garcinia Cambogia and more than 40% of green tea supplement labels are inaccurate or the extracts are of LOW quality. A supplement without the right nutrient dosage and purity won’t work efficiently AND THAT is what makes the difference in comparison to DC 247 Weight Managment & Detox Complex.

How does DC 247 compare with similar products on the market

DC 247 Brand A Brand B Brand C
Combination of three powerfull & clinically proven diet nutrients
Garcinia Cambogia / 85% HCA.
(Highest potency on the market)
Clinically proven dosage
900mg HCA in 270mg EGCG.
For maximum efficiency.

Only HCA
Natural Detox nutrients included
To cleanse your body from toxins and increase absorption and bioavailability.
Tested in an independent laboratory.
No added artificial ingredients, binders, filters and preservatives.
Manufactured in Organic and HACCP compliant production plant.

Synergy of the right nutrients is the key

The key to synergy in supplementation is to ensure that the product provides all necessary tools to utilise, activate, absorb and metabolise each nutrient in the product.
The formula was scientifically designed to promote weight loss and reduce hunger discomfort throughout the day with no need to dramatically alter your daily regular routine!

To make the formula even more efficient, we included natural detox nutrients that help to »clean your pipes«, maintain proper blood sugar level and to increase the absorption, utilisation and bioavailability of weight loss nutrients.

Weight loss nutrients

Garcinia Cambogia (85 % HCA)
Green Tea (50 % EGCG)
Gymnema Sylvestre
Garcinia Cambogia (85 % HCA)
  • Natural appetite and hunger suppressant.
  • Fat blocker - inhibits the enzymes that convert sugar and carbohydrates into fat.
  • Mood enhancer - increases levels of serotonin which improves your mood and can help you to avoid emotional eating.
  • Improves sleeping quality and overall health.
Green Tea (50 % EGCG)
  • Significant thermogenic (fat-burning) effect.
  • Inhibits the enzymes involved in fat storage.
  • An antioxidant powerhouse.
  • Helps to lose weight and maintain weight over the long term.
  • Improves blood flow and lowers cholesterol.
Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Blocks sugar absorption in the body.
  • Reduces the taste of sugar, or »sweetness« in the mouth.
  • Promotes appetite suppression and weight-loss.

Detox nutrients

Senna leaf
  • Acts as a laxative that promotes digestion and bowel movements.
  • Works in the liver, helps to clean the body from toxins and improves the metabolizem of fat.
  • Keeps natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines in balance.
  • Supports liver and gallbladder function.
  • Promotes fat digestion and metabolism.
  • Strong antioxidant.
Senna leaf
  • Natural laxative.
  • Relieves constipation by encouraging bowel movements.

More about the formulaHow to take DC 247

If you're skeptical, you're not alone

When we first tested the DC 247 weight loss and detox nutrient combination, our diet radar went off right away. There are countless success stories reported by people from all around the globe. Moreover, we found it of particular interest that these people had not significantly changed their current lifestyles.


I was overweight most of my life and after 4 different diets I started with Weight Watchers and tried to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. I did lose some weight but I really felt hungry all the time. After a while my weight stopped dropping and I tried to eat even less. I had no energy … Read more



After giving birth to my child I tried to loose more the than 20 kg of excess weight for the last 4 years, and finally given up. I tried 3 different diets and sometimes I even managed to lose several kilos but they all came back because I was hungry and weak all the time. I was … Read more


Quality Matters

In our Weight Loss & Detox supplement we are VERY heavily focused on Clinically-Proven Ingredients, finest quality and product purity, which is why we adopted the policy of not allowing the use of fillers, binders or any other manufacturing additive and is 100% natural. Another business decision was to make BGS Nutrition supplements safe for people who chose a vegetarian or vegan diet, whether for health reasons, ethical reasons or due to their religious affiliation. We at BGS Nutrition, have made sure to follow recommended guidelines set forth by the famous dietitian nutritionists. We go above and beyond by manufacturing our products in a HCPP and Organic compliant nutrient production facility. Our DC 247 Complex is third party tested so that you can have 100% confidence in BGS Nutrition.


You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Weight loss should follow as a natural side effect.

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